Ikuta Toma Movie Guide part 1

For starter, I love Ikuta Toma since forever. I watched his film over and over again, new and old, the comedy one and the suspense one. I watched like every movie that has him on it even for one episode. Yes, i watched Hana Yori Dango Return just episode one, where Toma being a guest star and i love it!
So heres what youre going to download and watch for the netx two weeks.
1.    Hanakimizakari no Kimitachie
I even dont care about the real relationship issues here. All i saw was Ikuta Toma being so cutely miserable with his doubtful sexuality orientation. This is the first Toma’s drama i watched and i was facinated by him. The drama itself is the popular drama that has been remade few times now originally made by Taiwanesse and the newest version was from Korea.
2.    Honey and Clover
I was sceptical about anime-turn-drama thing at first and Toma changed me. I have to admit he is (again) really cute being miserable. The cast, the plot, everything is perfect even i the ultimate Nodame Cantabile number one’s fans prefer to watch Honey and Clover over and over again.
3.    Mao
Enough about the lovey-dovey things. Lets get serious this time. Mao gave me chills. Toma (again) acted so perfectly and apperently have a co-star who was sucessfully really gave me chills. This drama made me stop listening to “somewhere over the rainbow” for a while. Really thrilling and facinating drama about revenge.
4.    Majo Saiban
This drama is hell of manipulating. I felt betrayed because of the twist. Its unbelievable twist. Toma act as usual act  as a very bright, hopeful, trusted guy who believe in justice. Youre gonna be scream, yell, and curse at the same time at the end of the episode.
5.    Osozaki no Himawari
This ongoing drama series stole my heart from the very first episode. The scenery is very great, the plot, evrythings great. There’s this girl i saw on Soumatou Kabushikigaisha acted without being creepy, well she’s being so mysterious but less creepyness. Ikuta Toma and the gang sang the opening song which i love very much.
6.    Bokura Ga Ita series
If you want to see Toma’s abs i recomend you to watch this one. Well its just a glimpse of what lies ahead but i personally greatful i can see that expose. You’ll see the smarter version of Toma yet the gloomy one and guess what? I love the gloomy one. One thing that stuck in my head is when he said to that girl “can we have one last kiss?” fuck it! I’m gonna strip for you.
7.    Hanamizuki
I’m sorry but this film is kinda boring to me. But in order to watch Toma, i bare it all. In this film Toma (again) looks so deeply in love with this girl who looked like cheated on him. Seriously, you really want to hug him, make him a cup of warm chocolate milk, wrap him with a blanket and pat him to sleep.

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