KBS Drama : Innocent Man

So this is another review on Korean drama that I’ve watched. In a lot of past post I felt so excited about Innocent Man, a mellowdrama about revenge and love life starred by Song Joong Ki as Kang Maru the hero and Moon Chae Woon as Soe Eun Gi, the heroine and last but not least theres Park Si Yeon as Han  Jae Hee the antagonist (well not really). Theres also our lovely icon of betrayal Lee Kwang Soo as Park Jae Gil the hero’s wing man.

The story simply was about Kang Maru who is really the nicest person on earth until he got betrayed by his lover Han Jae Hee after taking a blame for crime that Han Jae Hee did, she never came to visit her and lately known as Tae San’s Director’s wife.

It took a bunch of my interest when Maru took Eun Gi as his girlfriend to revenge his late girlfriend, but after the 9th or 10th episode I lose my interest. The drama leap times too much that the mutual feelings has gone. To put it simply I didn’t sense any chemistry in the story. The ending leaves so many questions like “how about Maru and Choco relationship?” “How about the brain surgery?” “how about Eun Gi and Tae San?” “how about Attorney Park?”.

However, the drama took the most viewers overshadowing the other drama that air on the same time. I will give this drama 7 out of 10. I love the cast’s acting, while the girls loving Son Joong Ki, I’ll go with Attorney Park instead. I’ve seen Joong Ki enough that I can tell he’s so different than Kang Maru. I love when Attorney Park treated Eun Gi as a brother not his boss, that’s what I called mutual feelings.

Oh! And finally someone subbing Osozaki No Himawari, I’ll catch you guys up later with a cute memory of Ikuta Toma’s brand new drama.

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