Majo Saiban

do you know that i’m in love with Ikuta Toma? The multitalented funny guy from Johnny Jr? I’ve been in excrutiatingly in love with this guy since FOREVER! I first saw him on japanese drama called Hanazakari no Kimitachi e as a stupid boy who think he was gay. And just that i’m in love with his sexy nose.
Lately i was watching a random video on youtube when i saw this comercial for Final Fantasy 14 and i was like FUUUCKK this is TOMA!! And that ended by me watching all his drama and movies all week long.
So i re-watched Majo Saiban which literally means The Witch Trial. This drama is sick. The twist is mind blowing i was like cursing on the episode finale, like really so pissed even at myself, the smile on The Witch is misterious yet victorious and confidence. . . well who am i kidding its fucking creepy!
Oh the story went by Yoshioka Toru (Ikuta Toma) picked to be lay judge for this murder case done by The Witch. The word Witch came because of everyone near Kyoko The Witch died with unfortunate accident, so there she called The Witch. After Toma became lay judge wierd things happen, a guy named Kurokawa blackmailed everyone force them to vote not guilty at the time. I really want to tell you guys about the whole story but i dont want to jinx the twist.
The negative thing was Toma kissed this girl twice. Nah i’m kidding the negative things beside the kissing part was its too much dramatization, it can take 1 or 2 minutes just to open the blackmailed envelope, or to Toma realized something wasnt right so i skipped some part of the drama, still a fine drama to watch. Oh i love Ikuta Toma i’m being biased.

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