emotional week

Its been emotional train wreck around the gang on SMWH. The slow death of Mark Sloan was unbearably painfull to watch. Maybe if here’s some video/backflash of Sloan with Little Grey i’ll brust out in tears. This episode made my eyes watery. Grey is turning to “MEDUSA”, Yang was bored because of the lack of competition on Minessota, McDreamy clearly not ready for operating, Torres lost her bestfriend and apperantly her wife soon, Avery sadly keep talking to McSteamy in hope for he would wake up and gave him advice about his surgery, Alex screwing all of the intern and preparing his leaving to Hampton but like we know him like the back of our hand his back to SMWH.

About Glee, its really painfully boring to watch. I’m sorry. I love Glee. I love having this idea about a bunch of kids finding their own passion in a small group of friends. but they forgoting about Mckinley, the story keep circling about how suck Rachel was outside Mckinley. None of them about the kids and their high school dreams. The song was awfully rearange, the Quin-Finn-Rachel-dilema recreated again with another character which pretty much give the same vibe. I hate this season, its episode 3 and i am bored.

Nice Guy a.k.a Innocent Man in other hand kept exciting me as we saw that Jae Gil potrayed by our Icon of Betrayal Lee Kwang Soo is actually the son of a rich MOB. As the story line is so Revenge-ish or kinda korean standart the poor guy vs rich guy. Rumor has it that in episode 6 Eun Gi found out that Ma Ru is Jae Hee’s ex. EXCITING. I havent watch it yet cause there’s no eng sub for this episode.

The firt episode of The Big Bang Theory was fun cause you can see that Sheldon love Amy even more. Penny actually never said I Love You to Leonard, and our poor Raj who was lonely. Howard in other hand stuck his ass between his new wife and his mother, which is kinda bad considering how Howard left earth because of his mom and yet still get yelled by her in front of his NASA collegue.

ROBIN IS REALLY GETTING MARRIED TO BARNEY!! No more things to say, its just that.

I just cant wait for last season of The Simpson and Once Upon a Time in september 30th. But actually before that, i should probably buy a hard disk external first.

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