anti climax, awkward!

This isnt good. The Awkward isnt going to get any awkwarder. The teen drama has ended the second season on September 20th and i dont get excited for the next season, well maybe except or the part when Ming planning to get a revenge to Asian Mob Becky.
I dont get why Jenna pick Matty over Jakey. I’m losing the interest here, the episode finale wasnt that climax either. Jenna keeps questioning her chooice, while i said just live with it. I bet the next season will talk about the affectionate kiss between T and Jake and how jealous Jenna get to see their liplocking.
But seriously comparing to the previous season, this season is suck. There i said it, its official now. The only thing that interesting was when everyone know that Mom’s writing that confronting letter to Jenna and they need to make that bigger thing than just one episode. The do-over episode wasnt necessary either, its just so cliche that teen fantasizing about vampire or warewolf thing. Enough with Twilight, letg get something new to mock.
So i still dont get so excited to see next season, but excited enough to see Asian War that Ming started. Oh, and Jake, i want to see more Jake with less shirt on. Lol.

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