Nice Guy Joong Ki

Song Joong Ki team up with Park Si Yeon on new KBS’ drama, Nice Guy. I’m excited actually, tho i dont really like Park Si Yeon’s act but i enjoyed it cause i can see Joong Ki with Kwang Soo as best friends. I damit it, Running Man never be the same without Joong Ki.
So the plot was nice, i never knew the man who wrote the script but some said he’s a great writer. Hopefully the ending wont dissapoint me as korean’s drama always did. I like Moon Chae Woon’s acting, she’s so mean and individualist. Willhemina Slater-ish minus the evil thing. Song Joong Ki really sold the mean and dark personality, its really rare to see Joong Ki like that. I really can see hatred on his eyes when he knew that Chae Woon was Si Yeon’s daughter. Actually its too soon to tell how the story going to be but i expect to see some vengeful, dark, drama with a dramatic ending. Also looking forward for our same aged friends Kwang Soo and Joong Ki.
There’s this guy Lawyer Ha who caught my eyes. He’s cute to be exact. I really like this pilot, i’m looking forward for the second episode with the full english subtitle.
Oh and also The New Direction is finding a new Rachel. Glee season 3 starts right now!

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