All My Love is For You by SNSD

so let me clear this once and for all, i’m not a big fans of SNSD, i just like to see what they’re wearing and i’m stun for this one MV, they always look so stuffed up by their uniform look and when i saw this, i was like “Man, they grow up so well!”. in this MV, the girls wearing Versace Spring 2012 RTW Collection. so basically i have to search all the girls’ photos but i’m so lazy that i’m just gonna attach on the runway photos.

i dont know what the heck is wrong with her cordi, but you cant just made Yuri wore this cute top as an outer and look weird while Jessica wore the skirt and look very good.

Our Leader Kid Taeyon wore this cute dress, with her hair half bunned, PS i hate her hair looked like that.

Fanny, Fanny Tiffanny wore this bright yellow mini dress, and looked cute with her hair pinned like that. i kinda expect Fanny would wear something Pink rather than yellow, Pink suit her best while yellow is kinda Sunny-ish which bring to my next point. . . .

SUNNY! looked very rock, err it made me confuse, kinda miss matching with the other girls who wearing pretty dresses while Sunny (that in my opinion) is the most feminist looking member of all wore a rock vibe, that (again, in my opinion) is a big miss.

while Yoona, the one that i didnt expect surprising me much again failed for surprising me. she is beautiful i know, but again this chick simple look kinda boring me out, she really need to look more sexy or fierce or whatever except cute looking.

Hyoyeon is in my humble opinion (again) a very attractive woman, she kinda reminds me of Song Hye Gyo, you know the girls from Full House. and the best thing is she looked perfectly match on her green mini dress.

Seven girls down, Two more to go which leave us with the tallest girl on the international girl group. let me tell you about this Maknae, she’s the second tallest member on the gang, She apparently lives her life “rightously”. yes, She’s Seohyun. Our baby Seo looks great on this long gown, of course with she’s wearing some undergarment behind this gown, you know this gown kinda too much revealing for her and its kinda weird actually to see her sexy look, i cant even imagine it.

Save the best for the last they say, so let me present it for you Sooyoung! the talles member on the gang. I like it when She wore silky long dress, sexy yet not much revealing. kinda tired and sick with those short shorts when it comes to korean girl band. She looked really elegant with this dress, and whatever the rumor said about her and Siwon dating, YOU HAVE MY BLESSING!! (of course if you keep up styling like this).

overall all i want to say is this is a very great collection, i really like it. it’s genius! and the best thing that makes me ecstatic is that the girls wore it elegantly, sexy but not sluty if you know what i mean. again, i’m not SONE.

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