Crime Squad, Starring Our ACE Song Ji Hyo

Since HIMYM and other stuff i watched still have a long way to be watched i search for another korean drama, yes i know, OH GOD WHY? So i remember about this drama/action that Song Ji Hyo acted, i’ve been always want to watch this drama but i forgot about the title, anywho the title was Crime Squad.
Its not a smart detective drama cmpared to detective things i’ve watched like CSI, Criminal Minds, or stuff. but this drama made you see about detective thingy in dramatic and ironis way. The story started off by a classic hero, Park Se Hyuk where he became detective to investigate about how his daughter sudden yet ironic death, potrayed by the mighty Song Ill Gook. Then we have Jo Min Joo, The Heroine who potrayed by our Ace Song Ji Hyo, the junior reporter who stick around Park Se Hyuk, literally sticking around. Also we have Jong Il Do, potrayed by someone i dont know as The Chief of Park Se Hyuk who ironically killed Se Hyuk’s daughter. The irony about those three people wont stop right there, there were tons of twist on this drama.
As i said before, the drama didnt appear to be as smart as CSI, but my favorite case was that bullying thing, who killed one of Se Hyuk’s team mate (SPOILER), and that was the first moment where Min Joo hug Se Hyuk it was so sweet (i said SPOILER right?).
What disappoint me was the relationship of Min Joo and Se Hyuk was too half-done. It wasn’t a Ajusshi- Agasshi relationship, it wasnt father-daughter relationship either, it’s clearly not a professional relationship, but its also not a love relationship, but there was a spark between them. Like when Min Joo waited all night long for Se Hyuk in cold night, then Se Hyuk came in a rush dumbfounded by Min Joo’s freezing hand, the writer should made them a couple, we need a lip locking scene between them!!
Anyway its a worth watching drama, i’ll give it 8 out of 10. You should watched it, if you like any twisting plot drama.

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