Once Upon a Time

So i finished watching Once Upon a Time, which was a fairytalewrecking story. Dont watch it if you are all about prince charming to the rescue and happy ending stuff cause this one is a “happy ending comes with a price” yea i know i twist it a lil bit from what Rumplestiltskin said. Except about the poor CG in this era, if you like modern fairy tale with many twist story you’ll like it, or if you like to imagine Little Red Riding Hood with short short and sexy outfit you’ll probably gonna love it.
I’m just gonna go nuts with The Sexy Lips Prince Charming  and The Hot Mess Huntsman or another Sexy Lips Hottie The Mad Hatter.
The story is simply about how The Evil Queen trying to rule Snow White’s life, sound classy? But here’s the twist, the first one who started this uber chaos was actually Snow White with her stupid happy youthfull thought about true love which ironically told by The Evil Queen herself. Then the series of bad luck, irony, drama, dilema came which brought us to the next twist that Snow White, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood are BFFs. Emma the heroine was Snow’s daughter and with the help of Gepeto, escape from The Evil Queen’s curse which stop the time and made the character forget about themself, thats why you can see Little Red Riding Hood in short short.
It’s a love-hate situation, i already lost interest because it took 22 episode, the death of August and the gorgeous Hunstman, not forget to mention about Henry’s nearly death to made Emma realize about her role. I love Robert Carlyle’s acting, Ruplestiltskin was so mysteriously scary for me. It’s marvelous. I think i’m gonna watch the next season, i’m curious about the new magic but it proably gonna be on the bottom of my watch list.
I’ll say it 7 out of 10, but who am i to judge watch it if you want.

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