previously watch King 2 Hearts

Ok i admited, i watched korean drama again. Not saying it’s a bad thing, but korean lovey dovey style drama is not my type. So i watched a random drama i picked on some web about korean drama, King 2 Hearts with Lee Seung Gi on it which cost me one more reason to watch.
Different from other korean drama, this romance is so mature. the drama mostly telling us about the distinction of North and South Korea’s culture, even brought up the major issues, the war. Lee Jae Ha potrayed by the handsome Lee Seung Gi is a playfull, lazy, self center biatch yet a very lovable and highly intelligence prince. He got trick by his older brother Lee Jae Kang to participate on WOC with a North Korean army as thier alliance and latter he meet Kim Hang Ah a trained assasin used to be on special force as his team captain and of course they fell for each other.
Despite about the real love line who i find kinda boring, i fell for Eun Shi Kyung another officer who attend WOC with Jae Ha and shortly after that became his “right arm”. He has this cool attitude, solem soldier who even cant reject any ridiculous order from Jae Ha. He met Jae Shin, Jae Ha little sister who actually caught his heart.
This drama have so much things to tell that i sense a lack of focus on some event. Like when Hang Ah went missing, the drama divert our attention to how broken Shi Kyung was when he knew his father was a traitor, and it took a really long scene to just finally see Hang Ah again.
I actually believe that the drama should’ve ended on episode 18, when that bastard Kim Bong Gu killed Shi Kyung and it was devestating, i was like crying for real. The drama keep on going to the original idea about the war of North and South and its kinda boring, sorry but i have to say the drama should’ve end after Shi Kyung’s death, Jae Shin got Shi Kyung’s last massege which cost me a very heartbreaking moment and a lot of tears droping, then lastly Jae Ha got married so i guess episode 19 and 20 wont be necessary, why need to prove their love again when Hang Ah got kidnapped, got into jail, got shot, and every bad thing that can happend?
And if you think a little harder, this is not so much a happy ending. The one who sufffered the most is Jae Shin. First she lost her memories on the night Jae Kang got killed, then she got paralized because she jump off the cliff. A very much episode after that, she got a massive panick attack cause by that psycho bitch, a fear of got murder. She confessed to Shi Kyung but got a cold shoulder from him. when her memories back, it turns out she was the one who being forced to killed Jae Kang. And for the very sad ending, after got kissed and a very romantic moment from her love interest, Shi Kyung died. So much for being a princess.
Anyway i score this drama 8 out of10. I’m worshiping chaos so i recomend to watch this drama. I also like the chemistry between Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won who played Kim Hang Ah. I have to admit that the death of Shi Kyung and Jae Shin’s lost memories gave me a major shock while the death of Jae Kang was predictable.


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