previously watched BIG

so i watched BIG, and i have a BIG disappointment about the ending part and a several part actually. its a big disappointment to not see Gil Da Ran with the real Kyung Joon in the end. the story itself have too much push-and-pull-relationship-dilema, sorry but i have to say it was overwhelming. i want to see more of Kyung Joon-Yoon Jae conflict as Kyung Joon is the neglected brother and Yoon Jae spend his entire life searching for him. its too focused on Da Ran’s dilema and Kyung Joon’s attemp to make Da Ran happy while Ma Ri’s trying to make Kyung Joon hers in a kinda creepy way. the episodes before Da Ran fell for Kyung Joon is the interesting part, the adrenalin when she thought Yoon Jae two-timing her with that slut is super interesting and after Da Ran fell for Kyung Joon’s charm its just a boring endless push-and-pull-relationship. oh and take a moment of silence for our friend Choong Shik who has been friendzoned by Ma Ri.

the side story like how the mother and father of Da Ran fell in love is being forced too much, telling that the student-teacher-turn-to-be-husband-and-wife-relationship is a common thing while i actually think its kinda weird since Kyung Joon is on the same age as Choong Shik, it feels like you’re marrying your brother.

on the other side, i like to watch Gong Yoo who played as Yoon Jae acting like 18 y.o and he nailed it. he nailed it BIG time. i also like Suzy’s acting and i really hate her in this drama which means she nailed the character very well. i already acknowledge that Min Jung is a great actress and i like how she cry.

its a fine drama, not gonna recommend it but it’s still a fine drama for me. as for the OST, Davichi took a step to sing a very heartbreaking song titled Because It’s You and later at the end of the story Gong Yoo take a male cover of the song. there’s also Huh Gak, BEAST,even Suzy herself singing song that actually a perfect match for her character, Jang Ma Ri.

i’ll give it 6,5 out of 10 but well who am i to judge, just watch it if you want to see Gong Yoo acted like 18 y.o. i personally hate the idea of the switching soul thingy, the story about Kyung Joon and Yoon Jae already interesting, i really want the story focus on them. it’s really a BIG disappointment.

P.S: still dont have the urge to revise PI.


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