i spend my new year eve celebration to watch Gangstalovin if im not mistaken. they’re pretty much awesome, a hiphop group which i dont know much about that. they’re sang Dirty Bit by BEP fet a girl named Vanya which i dont know who she is.

the volkswagen was the main show, but sadly there’s nothing special in the volkswagen itself. lebih suka pas JamNas di cibubur, dimana banyak banget VW yang ditampilin.

the weirdest part of the show was there’s cosplay in it. as much as i love Japanese thingy i kinda thing it was out of the loop. gw tau mungkin ini buat menraik pengunjung supaya banyak yang datang, but why cosplay? it Japanese, Volkswagen made in German. oh, there was a band competition but mostly they’re singing Japanese’s song like Laruku’s song. and there’s dance competition but again mostly it was K-pop.

regarding all of this unmatchable show the main part was the firework party

and for the completeness of this blog, that moment of NYE wouldnt be come true if my god  parents weren’t exist. thanks mom, dad 🙂

the connection SURPRISINGLY is SLOW!

btw you know that was a sarcasm right?


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