so it’s been two and half year. . .

Lately my old man always said “bentar lagi jadi sarjana psikologi bla bla bla…” atau “bla bla bla bentar lagi jadi sarjana psikologi”

The truth is i dont know. . . gw gak pernah ngerasa kesusahan sama psikologi. Gw suka cara fikir Sigmund Freud tentang dunia. Psikologi sendiri itu adalah satu ilmu yang paling ultimate yang ada di dunia. I dont mind having Bandura, Freud, Frankl or other else in my mind. I just feel like Gershwin will do much better with my mind. Semua drama Shakespear, tugas mereview novel Fitzgerald. I dont mind.  I dont mind every night and day hear Bach. Watching opera.

Gw mau menenggelamkan diri dalam cerita, novel, komik. Masuk kedalam budaya lain. Mengagumi budaya. Hanyut dalam sebuah peran. Teralun lembut tragedi.

“show me a hero and i write you a tragedy. . .” Scott F Fitzgerald.

I dont know. . .

I just dont know. . .

I think it’s just too late to turn around. . .

Or not. . .

Am i on the wrong direction?





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