Midnight Sadness

its sad to know that your best friend having a rough time, and you cant even do a shit to help.
i see him fading away. drifting away from his life.
i can see sadness, hatred and all the darkness is his eyes.
i can see his green planet turn to grey, fading away.
and all i can do is watch him slowly die.
i cant do a shit.
i miss that boy who used to make me laugh.
that boy who didn’t give a shit about the world, but will bring the moon for his friends.
the boy that so free that no one could even touch him.
he is now caught up inside a invisible cage.
there’s no way out.
and you can see his color begin to fade, washed out by the pain.
you cant do a shit about that.
you just sit back, and watch his world crumble.

what and asshole

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