Someday the music’ll stop playing and i have to sit down

dear universe,

i don’t mean to look so pathetic but when will you send someone for me?

look, life’s hard and i have a great friends, family, everything that i ever wanted, but please can you send someone just to make my world lil bit more colorfull?

no, i don’t need some cute gag man, and i don’t think i need some hopeless romantic musician. please i don’t need some guy with his shining armor or a white horse what so ever.

i just need someone you know, who could lighten up my day, who could make something unromantic be romantic.

isnt that too much to ask for? well i look pathetic enough so i’ll end this meaningless speech.

i’ll stop goofing around and really trying to find my Anakin Skywalker.

so, until my next whining session. adios Universe.





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