i didn’t mean to be disrespectful

There’s something in this word that actually make life’s much harder as it can be for a child yet as lovely as it can be.


I know we all have to respect them. Mother for precisely is the one who gave birth to us, who suffer for 9 months carried us. Father, who pushes themselves in a limit just to make sure we don’t have any lack of needs, make time to watching his child sleeping while actually he’s tired.

But sometimes parent seems overrated. Everything they said ALWAYS right, WILL ALWAYS BE right, but actually base on what? Sometimes it seems they did it because it’s the best for us in their version, and that doesn’t mean the best for us as in the children.

The if-you-rebelling-from-your-parent’s-advice-then-you’ll-be-damned’s fatwa was overrated. Why do people have to respect their parent when they’re not respecting their children? Base on Human’s Right people have the right to be respected even the children, weather it’s their parent themselves. So how can the child respect their parents when the parent themselves never respect the child? Isn’t it to naïve playing as the holy one and doesn’t give a damned about what their children think or feel?

Most of children, who comes out wild, didn’t get any respect from their parents. I know you guys have been through a lot. Changing diapers, woke up in the middle of night, the pregnant difficulties, but hey that’s the price of life, and it doesn’t feel right if you ask your payback after everything you‘ve done. Those are priceless.  We, the children can’t pay those things, even with everything we got you from this world.  So stop talking about what have you done for us as a threat to behave.

Me and my parents are good. I love them more than you know. It’s just there some time when parent saying those things they did for us just to get what they want and that isn’t right. At least I think it isn’t right.

So I’m blabbering again, gonna watch no string attached now.



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