(too late to say) HELLO MAY!

there’s a lot of going on in may

in this early may

like today i was told my big sister pregnant (again) though keynan is JUST 5 months old

didnt know how to act.

later this day

i have funny incident (well i found it very funny)

jadi hari ini gw lagi “bulanan” dont know how you guys think

but it actually kinda embrassed when a guy found out lo lagi “bulanan”

so, i just came back from the toilet with a pembalut in my pocket

i sat between Fahmi and Chandry today so its kinda hard and awkward when i suddenly put the pembalut into my bag

then i asked them to look away

i succefully put that thing on my bag then suddenly chandry said

“aaah habis ganti pembalut yaa?”

(rasanya malu sampai gak menyesal karena dilahirkan)

terus gw mencoba untuk move on dari omongannya chandry

ngajak bercanda Fahmi dan Chandry

habis itu Fahmi bilang

“nes pinjem hp dong”

gw dengan segera ngeluarin hp yang ada didalem tas gw

jeng jeng jeng

 those stupid pembalut masih nangkring didepan tas gw tepat diatas hp




 tema hari ini kayaknya malu


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