Know Me Better

5 things you love about life:

Lego, pals, music, beer, games


5 famous people you’d love to meet:

Adolf Hitler, Bonnie and Clyde, Shakespeare, Kurt Cobain, Audrey Hepburn


5 movies you love:

p.s I love you, I am Sam, Psycho, Moline Rouge, Breakfast at Tiffany’s


5 professions you’d love to have:

Lego designer, psychiatric, figure skating pro, dreamer, wedding planner


5 inspirations:

The Beatles, Music, Movies, People, Filsuf


5 favorites stuff:

Cell phone, iPod, PC, TV, DVD


5 things you hate:

Lizard, fairy tale, ‘if’ word, spicy food, selfish people


5 favorites place:

Bedroom, bathroom, Movie Theater, coffee shop, bar


5 things you wanna improve more about yourself:

My brain, sense of humor, mood, creativity, social thing


5 things you would like to take to a deserted island:

Monopoly, iPod, Pringless, trusted partner, TV


5 places you wanna visit:

Egypt, Greek, Xinjiang, Seoul, Manhattan


5 things you really want:

Move to another country, Lego Starwars Limited Edition, Money, Learn Kung Fu, Vanilla tart


5 songs make you cry most:

Creep by Radiohead, I miss you by Incubus, The blower’s Daughter by Damien Rice, Close to you by the Carpenters, All out of love bye Airsupply




5 impossible dreams:

Kill Magneto, world domination, find a mummy, save the planet, sacrifice Justin Bieber to bring Kurt Cobain alive


5 dreams in the future:

Move to Greek, be a super cool psychologist, make my parents proud, make my own lego city, be a cool parent




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