It’s a Magical Post

Once upon a time there was a Prince who fell in love with a girl name Princess. But Princess already had a fiancée, The Dutch. The Prince wont gave up; he so in love with Princess that he will do anything to get Princess to his arm. So the Prince share his story to Princess’ best friend, The Swan just in case The Swan can get him gets close to Princess. Every night The Prince spends his night talk and talk to The Swan. The Swan was so wise and funny so The Prince kept sharing his secret.

But then Princess got greedy, she wants The Prince and the Dutch both. On one fine day The Dutch ask Princess out but at the same time she invites The Prince who didn’t know anything about The Dutch. Princess got busy by herself because she went to The Prince and back to The Dutch at the same time. She felt exhausted. Knowing that the Prince was curious about her kept missing from his sight, Princess ask The Swan to accompany The Prince meanwhile she went with The Dutch.

Just like everyone knows, you can’t keep bad things forever. The Prince knew about The Dutch. He got his heart broken. The Swan who knew this thing would happen, help The Prince through his hard time. Then he finally realize that he love The Swan.

Just like that, the love blooms. The Prince and the Swan live happily but not for forever and after. Princess got jealous, so she did everything to split them apart. Princess knew that The Swan had a pure kind heart so she uses it.

One day, Princess running with tears filled her eyes. She said to the Swan that she will do anything for her to have the Princes back. The Swan can’t stand her best friend’s cry like that. So she said that she will give everything that makes her happy. But deep inside her heart, she loves The Prince so much. The Swan stop seeing The Prince, whenever he wants to meet her, she rejects him and disappears just like that.

Years after years, The Swan bares the paint. All she knew was The Prince and Princess lived happily ever after. Until one day she couldn’t bare the paint anymore, The Swan stab her heart with a dagger and die with nobody know that she ever exist.


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