it is pretty random

You know what I love the most? Watching TV.

Actually there’s plenty of moral education that you can learn in a movie. It surely depends on what movie you watched. Like when you watch Gossip Girl, try to not become a social climber because at the end of the day that person whoever he/she is they’ll become a loser. Or when you watch Grey’s anatomy (yeah I know they have that cheesy narration) I have this kind of stuff about dead, I guess we are just a bunch of people who always have a gun pointed to our head and just waiting for God pull the trigger and shoot us on the head. That thing makes me re-think about what I’ve done for this whole year, I mean this whole 20 years. I’ve made mistake, I’ve let my parents down, I lied, in conclusion I’m a horrible person. Ok enough judging myself, this sinner thing lead us to the next movie, SAW. You see, in Saw people get killed because they do stupid, terrible, and nasty stuff. I wonder if there’s someone out there spying on me, and someday will kidnap me and I wake up with that metal thing in my head or hanging on a super other cool stuff just to make me dead.

Speaking of cool stuff, have you imagine make some journal for your children? Like what you did when you’re a high schooler? Like in another movie that I love to watch How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM), this is a very simple movie I’ve ever watch. The whole story just to tell his child how he met their mother (just like the title). See? Cool right? So I kinda do this blog to share my journey for my child (other than the paperwork stuff). Anyway, I love to dance and sing, but yes I’m to freaking shy to show it to others, (hey just because I scream, yell, do something insane it doesn’t mean I can do sing and dance in front of many people). You know maybe it would be nice if I can be as brave as Rachel Berry from Glee, she sings nice. Have a cool boyfriend.

Oh yeah its not that I don’t like Indonesian movie, but sometime they’re messed up the ending of the story or maybe lately someone reveal that it was a plagiarism from another Asian movie, its kinda disappoint actually. Well I’m not saying I can make a better movie, but it would be nice if the movie was from your original though. Naga Bonar Jadi Dua is the best! I can feel the emotion, like when Bonaga let his father down just because he want to sell a landmark to some Japanese Company, you know what his father say? He said he fought for independence and now his own son sold the landmark to enemy how ironic was that. Man, that just makes me think, how much property of our own country that have been ruled by other country?

I wrote this note because English is an international language, and just because I wrote this in English doesn’t mean I lost my nationalism, Indonesia live in my heart, whatever I like, whatever I sing or whatever  do I am proud to become Indonesian.

Long Live Indonesia!

God always bless us




Ok its pretty random

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