y o u

i’ve done thinking about it.

now i know why i love you so much,

its not about your hair, your hair is a fashion crime

its not about how you dress, some time you dress like a mess

its not about how funny you are, sometime you can act rudely

its not about your personality, i believe you have many friends who adore you

its just how you treat me nicely, and when nobody see me, you see me clearly

and when i was down, you cheer me up in a strange way

hhh sorry i always be the one who over excited

you know i didnt mean to, but i cant help to be a lil dramatic

i think i was naive, i cant get over you

i dont know why but just cant have you enough

someone say to me  “Happiness is reachable, no matter how long it last.”

but i’ve waited long enough to be with beside you again and i’ve blow away the changes you gave to me

sorry i was overly excited

maybe this is the good bye that everyone’s talking about

maybe this is the time

i have to let you go


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