a bunch fact about family

You know, not everybody proud of their family, sometimes they act like enemy altough they are in the same family.
Here is the funny thing about family, every people think that family is the only person in the world that will proud of you no matter what you did or family is a bunch of people who know you inside and out.
But the fact is they are only pretend that they know you, act like they love and proud of whatever you do even if they don’t.

Parents always act like they know you, act like they proud of you. They do everything they want but never ask what you want, they think they can control your life because they know someday they can’t control your life anymore, and when that day come they act like they know you the best and give many advice that weather you like it or not the will force you to do it and when they’re finally realize they don’t even know who you are, they will yell at you and worse, they will make you feel miserable.

As far as I can see there’s no good thing about family. Its just a bunch of fake people who gather together and called themselves as family. I know its rude but trust me, you will know it when you finally stand in my line, there’s no one who can make you feel better except yourself


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